Meet Intech staff at AIPIO Intelligence 2017 in Hobart, Tasmania, 22-24 August, 2017!

Good results depend on the quality and ability to use as much data as you can. Preparing data for use consumes a significant proportion of an intelligence analyst’s time. The power of IQ Office’s automated data preparation, data quality, enhancement, and matching can save time and money, allowing you to focus on your skills in analytics not pushing data around.

Intech’s team will be available to discuss advanced data preparation solutions integrating into your enterprise and business systems including:

  • Data parsing and standardisation
  • Data quality, enhancement and geocoding
  • Address and data validation
  • Data search and reporting platforms
  • Data matching and deduplication
  • Entity resolution / Single view
  • Federated search
  • Intelligence analytics
  • Master Data Management

Be sure to see the Intech team at the conference!

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Intech is a member of AIPIO, the Australian Institute of Intelligence Professional Officers

We look forward to seeing you there!